revolutionary road

2', short fiction spoof trailer, Germany, 2017


Revolutionary Road dares a queer d.i.y. remake of the official trailer for the homonymous Hollywood film by Sam Mendes. Producing the ca. 60 shots within two days with basic equipment and adding a third character to the composition, a humorous edge is given to the plot built on a disaster of conformed life as an american straight couple.

collectively produced by Caio Amado Soares, Philipp Fröhlich, Caroline Pitzen and Hazal Kara


Caio Amado Soares
Caroline Pitzen
Sarah Tabea Paulus
Philipp Fröhlich
Hazal Kara
Hannah Schiefelbein
Nicolas Mayer
Thomas Arslan


• 05.17 - Berlin Art Film Festival - Berlin, Germany
• 08.17 - Raumerweiterungshalle - Berlin, Germany

revolutionary road film still 1 revolutionary road film still 2 revolutionary road film still 2 revolutionary road film still 3 Film stills of Revolutionary Road

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