queer science-fiction and 2D heterotopias


mishaps in spacetime production
club splendida film still
spirits dyke bar at schwules musem
switch workshop series

other take-offs

Revolutionnary Road - film still
Revolutionnary Road, by Caio Amado Soares, Philipp Fröhlich, Caroline Pitzen and Hazal Kara, Short Fiction, 2017, 2' - more...
L'assemblé dans un parc - by Michel Wagenschütz
L'assemblée dans un parc, by Michel Wagenschütz, Photography Series, 2018 - more...
Role: Photoshop Compositing and Finishing
The Sea Runs Thru my Veins - by Zara Zandieh
The Sea Runs Thru My Veins, by Zara Zandieh, Short Documentary, 2018 - more ...
Role: Poster Design
Mules - film still
Mules, by Mules, short experimental video, 2016 - more...
Role: part of the artistic collective Mules/Moles
Seen by #7: Moles - Factoid 05
Factoid 5, by Moles, digital collage, 2016 - more...
Role: part of the artistic collective Mules/Moles


Caio is an artist and filmmaker based in Lisbon and Berlin.

In his work, queer speculative fiction speaks to social and existential questions and helps thinking alternatives to the world we live in.

Stemming from the need to imagine a place of fairness and solidarity, his work has been alternating between the analysis of self-organised collective modes of being together and the analysis of dealing with one’s own changing nature and existential fears, all along under the summer rain of gender joy.

He acknowledges the work of Jo Freeman, Ursula K. Le Guin and Samuel R. Delany as major influences on his understanding of life and its vast possibilities.




Berlin / Lisboa

If you're interested in programming a film, commissioning an image, poster, illustration, or a finishing/retouching job, feel free to get in touch.

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