Club Splendida - Season Two
mishaps in spacetime production
club splendida film still

parallel take-offs

Koro - public sculpture
Koro public sculpture, by Jumana Manna, 2023 - more...
Role: Visualization collage on Photoshop
Foragers - film poster
Foragers, by Jumana Manna, 2022, 65' - more...
Role: Poster Design
Carrier Bags of Friction - Illustration
Carrier Bags of Friction, Workshop Series at Raumerweiterungshalle, 2021 - more...
Role: Illustration and Workshop Concept Collaboration
Octavia's Visions - film poster
Octavia's Visions, by Zara Zandieh, 2021, 17'36" - more...
Role: Poster Design
Krise ist immer - film poster
Krise ist immer, by Dan Dansen, 2020, 60' - more...
Role: Poster Design
Club Splendida - film poster
Club Splendida, by Caio Amado Soares, 2019, 24' - more...
Role: Poster Design
Switch - workshop series
Switch, workshop series at Raumerweiterungshalle, 2019 - more...
Role: Illustration
Spirits exhibition - workshop series
Spirits, exhibition and dyke bar at Schwules Museum, 2018 - more...
Role: Illustration and coaster design
Switch - workshop series
Switch, workshop series at Raumerweiterungshalle, 2018 - more...
Role: Illustration
L'assemblé dans un parc - by Michel Wagenschütz
L'assemblée dans un parc, by Michel Wagenschütz, Photography Series, 2018 - more...
Role: Photoshop Compositing and Finishing
The Sea Runs Thru my Veins - by Zara Zandieh
The Sea Runs Thru My Veins, by Zara Zandieh, Short Documentary, 2018 - more ...
Role: Poster Design
Revolutionnary Road - film still
Revolutionnary Road, spoof trailer by Caio Amado Soares, Philipp Fröhlich, Caroline Pitzen and Hazal Kara, Short Fiction, 2017, 2' - more...
Mules - film still
Mules, by Mules, short experimental video, 2016 - more...
Role: part of the artistic collective Mules/Moles
Seen by #7: Moles - Factoid 05
Factoid 5, by Moles, digital collage, 2016 - more...
Role: part of the artistic collective Mules/Moles


Caio (he/him) is a multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker based in Monte Real, Berlin and Lisbon. Probably this means he is not based anywhere, really.

Born in Monte Real, Caio finished Art and Media degrees in the art universities of Lisbon (BA) and Berlin (MA), received scholarships from the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung in 2015, and from the Berlin Senate in 2022-23 (Elsa-Neumann-Stipendium), and has been part of the Raumerweiterungshalle Collective for 2013-2023, at Berlin Ostkreuz. At the end of 2016, he was nominated with the artist group Moles/Mules for the Bundespreis für Kunststudierende (German federal prize for art students). His works and collaborations have been shown across the globe.

Through queer science-fantasy fiction, and a dash of clumsy humor, he explores social and existential questions brought to him by his experiences of migration, which he has known in different ways - geographical, assigned gender, class (up and down through artistic and educational scholarship funding).
How are these different types of migration interrelated? Who can live where? Which existences or lifestyles are accepted, even possible, across geography, across class?

Stemming from the need to imagine a place of fairness and solidarity, their work analyses the dynamics of self-organised collectivity and those of one’s own changing nature. It is inspired by the worlds created by Ursula K. Le Guin, Octavia E. Butler, Marge Piercy and Samuel R. Delany, providing great insights into different possible societal structures, and helping shape empowering alternatives.

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If you're interested in programming a film, commissioning an image, poster, illustration, or have a question, get in touch.

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