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23' (5x ca. 5'), experimental fiction web-series, Germany/Portugal, 2019

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Planet Earth is on the verge of a nervous breakdown and a crew of five friends decide to build their own spaceship out of there. On a quest to search for Club Splendida, a rumoured utopia in the depths of outer space, the team hopes to find “the answer to life, the universe, and everything”. Soon they find out the biggest challenges are on their way and not what they expect.


Lee Stevens (GAY)
Elizabeth Göran (SHIRIN)
Joey Steffens (SAMUEL)
leo (DAPHNE)
Mizu Sugai (YAYA)


Director, Writer, Producer - Caio Amado Soares
Co-producer - Paul Niedermayer
Direction Assistance - Ernest Ah
Director of Photography - Zara Zandieh
Lighting - Dan Dansen, Nadja Krüger
Sound Recording - Gizem Oruç, Elis Hannikainen
Editing - Caio Soares, Nadja Krüger
Costume Design - Michel Wagenschütz
Set Design - Helena Ribas, Nans Leiding
Music - Molly Nilsson, Olaf Taranczewski, Maxim Franks
Sound Design - Maxim Franks
Sound Mixing - Jochen Jezussek
VFX & Color Grading - Caio Soares

artist's statement

Beyond a quest into the depths of outer space, Club Splendida is also an exploration into the dynamics of collective structures, through a queer-camp science-fiction web series format.
Strongly based on the principles of democratic structuring proposed by Jo Freeman on The Tyranny of Structurelessness (1970), it is an attempt to explore the successes and shortcomings of this proposal, when friendships, insecurities, attraction (and lack thereof ) get in the way of a shared vision.
Ultimately, small collectivities serve as examples that reflect the dynamics of a larger - global? - societal structure and vice-versa.


• 05.19 - 65th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen - Oberhausen, Germany
• 06.19 - Raumerweiterungshalle - Berlin, Germany
• 09.19 - Stadtwerkstadt: STWST48x5 STAY UNFINISHED - Linz, Austria
• 09.19 - 6th Festival de Cine Radical - La Paz, Bolivia
• 10.19 - 9th Durban Gay & Lesbian Film Festival - Durban, South Africa
• 11.19 - 29th Rio de Janeiro Int. Short Film Festival Curta Cinema - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
• 01.20 - silent green Kulturquartier: STRANGE THINGS - Berlin, Germany
• 01.20 - 9th PembeHayat KuirFest/PinkLife QueerFest - Istanbul, Turkey
• 02.20 - Zeiss-Großplanetarium: Retina - Berlin, Germany
• 08.20 - 17th IndieLisboa International Film Festival - Lisbon, Portugal
• 12.20 - Online Conference On Transversality - in Practice and Research - London, United Kingdom
• 02.21 - 03.21 - nGbK: Interflugs 30: Feral Methods, Berlin, Germany
• 10.22 - 02.23 - Galerias Municipais de Lisboa, Galeria Quadrum: Novas Novas Cartas Portuguesas, Lisboa, Portugal
• 08.23 - Schokofabrik Frauenzentrum, Berlin, Germany
• 10.23 - Kulturhaus Villa Sträuli, Winterthur, Switzerland

splendid press

• Article on Visão magazine about the exhibition "Novas Novas Cartas Portuguesas" at Galeria Quadrum here.

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